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“That one is for my hair” “Sorry, that one is for my roommate” “That one is for when I have rashes” All this selection was amusing to him. Also a little bit annoying. Why any human being would need five to six different body soaps was beyond him. He only used one. For his face, hair, fingers and whatnot. It didn’t even matter what brand it was. As long as he had his bath. In her defence though, her skin was really glowing. It wasn’t the number of soaps that was annoying him though. It was al

Class in Session.

For the past three years that they had been classmates together, James and Elizabeth have played an unspoken game of cat and rat between the two of them. Winks here, lingering touches there, making each other jealous with other people, teasing themselves generally. The tides were always changing for them. Lizzy could be the one dressing sexy and provocative all week, looking like she was down for all kinds of sweaty and back-breaking activities with him or anyone else even. Laughing with her thi

The Campus Jungle

The difference between them was while King has sports, Femi was smart. Street smart. He could pick a hustle out of anything. He was a natural born economist, the mental equivalent of R.T. Malthus, but with the grace and finesse of anybody born and bred in Oshodi. Femi's bottom line was money. It never changed. Fast money, slow money, multiple streams of income, legal and/or illegal. There was no line for Femi. It wasn't blurred or smudged. The line was just nonexistent. For him, money made the world go round. Not the Gravitational effects of the Sun.

The Campus Jungle 2.

King too realised that he had messed up. He decided the best plan of action was to go out of campus and clear his head. He would probably just play some Asa and then sleep off. That was a good plan. Then he got there, and found the door unlocked. Opening the door, he found his girlfriend barely clothed, passed out, and with blood on her thighs that was too much for it to even look like it was her time of the month. He didn’t know he was in trouble till he checked her and she wasn’t breathing. His girlfriend was dead in his room.


She wasn’t sure what had happened, and was looking up to him for an explanation, but he didn’t give any. He just pulled her up and kissed her. One small peck on her lips, then another, then another, till it became a full blown kiss. Within seconds, they were trying to suck each other’s lips off, and exchanging saliva and everything else. The realisation that he was kissing her deeply after she had just finished sucking his dick really turned her on, and she just wanted to suck his dick even more. She just poured all her energy into the kiss instead....

Letter to my older self.

I remember I was tired, I wanted to sleep. To go home and hold my wife and watch TV and sleep. It was a long day that didn’t even yield anything. That was when your uncle called that your grandpa had died. I didn’t believe it at first, it took a few seconds for it to sink in. But when it happened, my brain went on overdrive. I was already thinking of burial arrangements, who to call to clear the family portion of the cemetery, the elders of the house to inform.

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